Nice Replacement NBF911SH Tan Women’s Outsole


We know our shoes are so comfortable that you’ll be wearing them everyday. Eventually, the phylon outsole will wear down but, is easily replaceable!

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Product Details

Outsoles blend general walking with rugged comfort.

Added protection means more versatility. Rubber plugs with Phylon create a complementary and unique outsole that is super with the NBF911 footbed. Choose the outsole style that fits your personality.


EVA stands for ethel vinyl acetate which is a safe man-made material that is also known as “foam”. We chose it for the NBF911 footbed, due to its unique ability to absorb repeated impacts and remain soft to the touch.

Shoes that accommodate NBF911SH tan outsole:

Shell Beach Strut

Shell Beach Stride

Morro Bay Surf Checker



Product Details

Size (US Womens) - Whole Sizes, Medium Widths Only

10 Medium, 6 Medium, 7 Medium, 8 Medium, 9 Medium


OutsolePhylon with Rubber Plugs