Gifts From the Sky

The Gifts From the Sky program honors people who improve different aspects of either their own or other people’s daily lives. This program is a tool for awarding children, women, and men that demonstrate positive achievements and/or actions to themselves and/or others in the world in which we live.

The Gifts From the Sky program also donates to organizations and cities that are helping with restabilizing efforts due to world disasters and also to “people in need” and/or the homeless population around the United States and internationally. One of our Gifts From The Sky partners, Nice Brand Footwear (based in San Luis Obispo, CA), has designed a shoe called The Shell Beach Strut specifically with the intention to donate pairs to people in need. The shoe has an orthotic type footbed inside to provide support for these people who are traveling long distances on their feet. After receiving a donation of the “Strut” style shoes, the non-profit company “Shoes For The Homeless” in Los Angeles said;

“Wow! Your shoes are beautiful and will truly help the homeless and those in need in the Los Angeles area!”

Here are a few examples of people who would qualify:

  • A child in school that demonstrates improvement in academic ability because he/she made the choice to become more disciplined in school.
  • A nurse working on Christmas Eve to ensure the well-being and proper care of a patient in need.
  • A fireman who risks his life to guarantee the safety of other people, children, and animals.
  • A group of children trying to attend school in an underdeveloped nation.

Haiti Relief Fund

Packages boxed up and ready to go

We are donating a couple dozen pairs of shoes to the relief effort in Haiti to help out those in a time of need. Shoes are a basic necessity, especially with all the damage to infrastructure, there needs to be something to protect their feet!

Do you know someone who you believe makes the world a better place, or who may be very deserving of a pair of our comfort footwear?

Suggest donations for a charitable organization or event using our donation recommendation, or just email us!

We donate to local schools, charities, and non-profit organizations. We have also helped out many silent auctions!

We recently held a fun “Coloring by the Creek” event for local children, where we donated free pairs of Crocs and free yogurt:

If you are involved with a charitable nonprofit organization or event, and you would like for us to donate to your cause, click the link to fill out our quick form. Simply tell us your name, email, the name of your organization or event, and explain why we should donate comfort footwear to your cause.

Operation School Bell

School Bell recipient

Pictured (click to enlarge) is the most recent recipient of our Gifts From the Sky program. We donated these Gifts From the Sky to Operation School Bell. Operation School Bell provides new clothing, shoes and personal grooming products to children from families with extreme need. Thier assistance enhances each child’s self–esteem, promotes learning and encourages regular school attendance. Each year, over 5,500 children in the Los Angeles Unified School District receive support through the generous donations of local citizens and corporate sponsors.

We here at seek to reward this type of behavior because we believe that it enhances the beauty here on earth and makes happiness more prominent! If you have a suggestion for us please, Let us Know

How Does the Gifts From the Sky Program Work? strives to allocate a certain amount of products annually for donation to its recipients of Gifts From the Sky. After deciding who is to receive these gifts, we send that person or institution a box with a gift inside. The box (or “gift from the sky” as we call it) shows up to its destination unannounced so that it appears as a gift that has fallen from the sky.

We have sent our Gifts From the Sky to many different locations including:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Viroqua, Wisconsin
  • Los Osos, California
  • San Luis Obispo, California
  • Houston, Texas (Hurricane Katrina)
  • Arcata, California
  • Atascadero, California
  • Oakland Park, Kansas
  • Arroyo Grande, California

We also send out Gifts From the Sky internationally:

  • Vijayawada, India
  • Kenya, Africa
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Baquba, Iraq
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Nyanga, Africa
  • More to come!

Suggest donations for a charitable organization or event using our donation recommendation, or just email us!

Cards and Letters of Appreciation

Here are some pictures of our Gift recipients, as well as some cards and letters of appreciation that we have received from the people we have helped:

Thank You

When you make a purchase from our website, the proceeds of that sale allow us to give back to the community through the Gifts From the Sky program.

Suggest donations for a charitable organization or event using our donation recommendation, or just email us!

Thank You for Supporting the Gifts From the Sky program!