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In the ShoeSurfing network, our priority is fitting you with footwear that satisfies all your needs. At the top of this list, of course, is comfort. We’ve created this page to make sure that you new shoes, boots or sandals will fit perfectly. If you have any sizing questions, we’re happy to help! Please call us toll free at 1-877-756-2475.

Note: Unisex sizes are quoted in men’s sizes, so a unisex size 6 is a men’s size 6 and a women’s size 7.

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Women's International Shoe Size Conversion chart



4 5 6 7 8 8.5 9


6 7 8 9 10 10.5 11


37 38 39 40 42 43 44


23 24 25 25.5 26.5 27.5 28.5


Men's International Shoe Size Conversion Chart



7.5 8.5 10 11 12 13.5


8 9 10.5 11.5 12.5 14


41 43 44 45 46.5 48.5


26 27.5 28.5 29.5 30.5 31.5

photo of boot



There are a couple things you should know to make sure your sheepskin has the right fit:

Most sheepskin footwear comes in whole sizes and one width only. If you wear a half size, you’ll have to round up or down depending on the style and brand. We’ve gathered the sizing information for almost all of our manufacturers to help you pick the proper size, and we’re working hard to collect as much information as we can bring you.

Sheepskin footwear should fit snugly at first. As you break them in, the lining will conform to the shape of your foot, loosening the shoes and creating the perfect fit. The outers will also stretch out a bit but this will happen more for items that use sheepskin than for items made with cowhide or pigskin.

It is also important to remember that sheepskin footwear is designed to be worn barefoot to wick moisture and regulate the temperature of the foot. If you plan on wearing socks, keep in mind that this will make your recommended size fit more snugly than they would otherwise.

You can also adjust the fit of your sheepskin footwear by inserting a second insole for a closer fit. This can sometimes solve problems for people who wear a half size. Just add a pair of replacement insoles and round up to the next size. Thick socks are also a good way to take up some extra room, too.

Please Note: While your shoes should be snug at first, you shouldn’t feel concentrated pressure on your toes. If your toes feel excessively cramped or you notice pressure points, your footwear is probably too small.

Click on your brand below for more specific sizing information. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, please call us at 1-877-756-2475.

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Sizing Birkenstocks correctly is important for guaranteeing a comfortable fit. Birkenstocks have a loose fit and take some getting used to – don’t be worried if your feet take some time to adjust. Here are some things you should know before ordering your next pair:

photo of birkenstock sandal

Birkenstocks use the European sizing system, so American customers will need to convert their domestic size to determine the proper choice. A good starting point is to add 33 to your size for women, 33 for men, and 17 for kids.

This is a good starting point, but choosing the correct size is often more complicated. Sizing for Birkenstocks is different for certain styles and you’ll have to consider the width and unique characteristics of your foot. 

Most Birkenstocks come in regular and narrow widths, while a few styles are also available in a medium width. Here are some notes about the different options:

Regular – is the most common width, chosen by more than 70% of our customers. If your graphic image of feet sizesfoot fans out when you rest your foot on the floor, even a small amount, you’ll want to choose the regular. It’s not uncommon to try on a regular and think it’s too large, but this is normally because your feet aren’t used to the freedom that Birkenstocks provide. Regular styles have a 1 at the end of their style number.

Narrow – Narrow soles take into account the entire shape of your foot, not just the width. The width of narrow feet is often constant across the entire length of the foot, resulting in a unique shape and walking pattern. Narrow styles take this into account, providing comfort with a properly shaped footbed. These soles always use a 3 at the end of their style number.

Medium – is also offered for certain styles. Falling in between regular and small, this width is a good choice for people whose feet don’t quite fit into the other categories. Normal styles have a 2 at the end of the style number, but certain series including the Footprints Outdoor and Metro use a three but are actually a medium width.

Birkenstock understands that every foot is different. Their shoes are designed to be modified and can be completely customized to fit your needs. We’re proud to offer a full suite of repair services including toe ridge adjustments that will make your Birkenstocks fit perfectly. Please call us at toll-free at 1-877-756-2475 to if you have any questions about Birkenstock sizing or adjustments, we’re happy to help.

It is recommended to go up an extra size in the following styles:

Sandals – Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ottawa, Ohio, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Savannah, Sonoma, Colorado, Shasta, Barbados, Oregon, Tobago, Trinidad, Aruba, Sansibar, Pacific, Bridget, Jardine, Morgan, Alice, Scarlet, Georgia, Arcadia, and Katharine.

Clogs – Oklahoma, Tahoe, Teton, Almanor, Napa, Cooper, Duna, Birki, Super Birki, Sport, Professional, Helfort, Mendocino, Madison, Sausalito, Redmond, Ashby, and Kyoto.

Shoes – Derby, Tacoma, Bodega, Madera, Memphis, Trent, Kent, Annapolis, Andria, Claremont, Lindsey, Natoma, Cambria, Darien, Saratoga, Sedona, Sanibel, Wichita, Stanford, Bristol, Bangor, Lawrence, Richmond, Glendale, Carson, Manhattan, Cambridge, Fremont, Valencia, Napoli, Chicago, Aberdeen, Willington, Kensington, Lisbon, Sonora, Auborn, Ontario, Austin, Jasper, Calgary, and Rockford.

Sports Sandals – When picking your active footwear, proper fit is essential. This is as true for sandals as it is for shoes. Keep a few things in mind when selecting the size of your sport sandals.

photo of keen mens shoe

Your heel should be centered over the heel area of the sandal, and there should be about 1 cm of space between the back of the heel and the back of the sandal. Similarly, your longest toe should be 1 cm from the front of the sandal. Make sure that both these things are true while your weight is on the sandal to check for proper fit.

When tightening the straps on your sandals, it is important not to overdo it. You should be able to slip an index finger in between the straps and your foot. If you have them too tight the straps can irritate your foot.

Remember, our customer service representatives are always ready to help you with any of your questions. If you need to contact us, email us as info@ShoeSurfing.com or call us toll free at 1-877-756-2475.



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Some Acorn Products are sized normally, using whole numbers. Others, such as some of the slippers are small, medium, large, etc. For example, the Womens' line of "Oh Ewe" slipper runs from an XX-Small to a Small, while the unisex "Sheep-On" slippers run from XX-Small to X-Large.

The charts below will help you choose your size.


W Small
W Medium
W Large
W X-Large


M Small
M Medium
M Large
M X-Large
M XX-Large



Acorn boots tend to be a little wide, but still are snug. Slippers are a bit more on the loose side as well, but more flexible than the boots because of a flexible comfort sole. It's normal to experience some slippage on your heel with Acorn slippers.

Aussie Dogs

Aussie Dogs boots are made to fit to a person's actual shoe size. For any half-size, round up to the next full size. Their footwear is meant to fit snugly at first, as the thick fleece surrounding the foot quickly compacts to give more room.

The charts below will help you choose your size. Aussie Dogs come in unisex sizes. Unisex sizes are quoted in men's sizes, so unisex size 6 is equivalent to "mens 6" and "womens 7".

Boots, Casual Shoes, Slippers & Clogs Mens 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Womens 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Childs Boot 9 10 11
Kids Boot 12-13 1 2
Junior Boot 3 4 5

Inner Soles 5-6 7-8 11-12 13-14


Womans: 5-11     Mens: 7-13     Boys (toddler): 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6     Youths: 11-3, no half sizes


Chookas tend to fit true to size. Their boots can run a little wider when compared to the other brands. In the case of dealing with a half size, Chooka recommends that it is best to round down to the nearest full size. While the boots will be snug in the beginning, they will eventually stretch out a little and form to your feet. They will become very comfortable, but may take just a bit longer to break in since they have an outer cowhide layer.

The charts below will help you choose your size.

Men 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Women 6 7 8 9 10

Kids 8 9 10 11 12 13

Big Kids 3 4 5 6

Cloud Nine

The availability varies with the style you are ordering. Clound Nine often uses laminate outers and they will not stretch much.

Men's range from sizes 7-16     Women's are sizes 5-11

Insoles are available in 2 size groups: mens fit 6-14, womans fit 4-12
Unisex sizes are available in small, medium, large, x-large, ect.

Size Range
women's: x-small: 4-5          men's: small:7½ - 8½
                  small: 5 - 6½                     med: 9 - 10
                  med: 7 - 8½                       large: 10½ - 11½
                  large: 9 - 10½                    x-large: 12 - 13½
                  x-large: 11-12                    xx large: 14½-15

Children sizes: 6/7, 8/9, 10/11, 12/13     Youth: sizes 1-4     Infants: 2/3, 4/5, 6/7 (baby booties)



Dansko shoes are sized according to European (EU) whole size standards. The comparable United States (US) size range is shown below.

Women's US Sizes Women's EU Sizes
4.5 - 5 35
5.5 - 6 36
6.5 - 7 37
7.5 - 8 38
8.5 - 9 39
9.5 - 10 40
10.5 - 11 41
11.5 - 12 42
12.5 - 13 43
Men's US Sizes Men's EU Sizes
7.5 - 8 41
8.5 - 9 42
9.5 - 10 43
10.5 - 11 44
11.5 - 12 45
12.5 - 13 46
13.5 - 14 47
14.5 - 15 48

Kid's US Sizes

Kid's EU Sizes
8.5 - 9 26
9.5 - 10 27
10.5 - 11 28
11.5 - 12 29
12.5 - 13 30
13.5 - 1 31
1.5 - 2 32
2.5 - 3 33
3.5 - 4 34

Most styles are manufactured in medium width. We offer a range of designs to accommodate a variety of foot types. Dansko also offers narrow and wide shoes in our flagship Professional clog collection.


Fit may be slightly snug when stepping in. Toes should not touch the front of the clog. Heel should move up and down freely as you walk. A variety of closed-back styles, offering such design features as buckles and elastic are added to styles as a design feature to accommodate both high and low insteps.


Open-back and sandal styles support the full length of the foot. For some wearers, the heel of the foot will meet the back end of the shoe exactly; for others, the heel may be slightly forward of the back of the shoe. Adjustability is carefully considered in the design of the open-back and sandal uppers, taking the form of buckles, elasticized panels, and convertible heel straps.



Emu footwear runs true to size. In the case of a half size, Emu reccomends rounding up to the nearest whole size. Width is fairly standard, and seems to fit most people just right.

Emu Size Scales for Boots, Slippers, and Shoes are below.

US Mens 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

US Womens 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

US Kids 10 11 12 1 2 3 4

US Tots 5 6 7 8 9


The Koolaburra classic tall and classic short products are true to size. They seem to fit just right. When dealing with a half size for slip-ons, lace-ups, and slippers, it is recommended that you purchase up to the nearest size.

However, if you have very narrow feet, Koolaburra recommends that you order your footwear to the next size down. Koolaburra boots tend to fit more snugly than other brands because they usually include more sheepskin lining. This provides exellent insulation, which is well-appreciated by many Koolaburra customers.

Unisex sizes are quoted in mens sizes, so if its a unisex size 6 it is a 6/7 meaning "mens 6" and "women's 7"


Style Available Sizes
Classic Short/Tall Unisex 4-16

Bawa Short
Desert Boot
Excalibur Short/Tall
La Jolla
Zip Boot

Unisex 4-13
Kids Boot 5-9
Baby Boots 1 - 4
Size 1: 0-6 mos.
Size 2: 6-9 mos.
Size 3: 9-12 mos.
Size 4: 12-18 mos.
Melrose Short/Tall Women's 5-11
Insole Unisex 4-13


Style Available Sizes
Klug, Comfy (unisex) 3-16
Moccasin 4-13
Ankle Boot
Kids Comfy 5-9
Soft Sole (unisex)4-13
Bel-Air 5-11


For most Minnetonka products, it is recommded that you go up to the next size most of the time if you normally wear a half-size. These products include men's and women's moccasins, Fringe Boots, Knee and Calf Hi Fringe Boots, Genuine Deerskin Footwear, Clogs, Slippers, and Sheepskin Pug Boots. Size Ranges: Women's: 5-10 Men's: 7-13



Men's: 7-13     Women's: 5-10     Boys: 3-6 (toddler sizes)     Youth 11-2

Staheekums run pretty true to size. Usually, if you wear a mens 10 - ½ you would go with a mens 10. If a mens 10½ - 11 you would want a mens 11. They wont stretch very much because of the pig skin liner.



Simple sheepskin footwear come in whole sizes only, and they run true to size. How Simple!

Womens Boots, Slippers, and Shoes 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Mens Boots and Slippers 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16


UGG footwear should be snug, but not uncomfortable. Their footwear will give a bit as it molds to your foot. UGG's products are designed to be worn barefoot (as most sheepskin products are) to maximize the cushioning and the proper warmth of the sheepskin. Their fleece footbed will mold to the natural contours of your foot, creating a personalized arch support

Sizes generally run large in both length and width, espcially for "classic" styles

A note about size variations

At SheepskinShoes.com, we will try our best to match your order with the correct size. Due to the fact that UGG are made in Australia, New Zealand and China, the actual size of the product may vary. We may adjust your order if we see that you tried to order a half size. When this happens, we will choose a whole size for you in an effort to match the appropriate size depending on where the particular item is from

Tips for specific styles
Ultra Short/Tall, Sundace II, Sundance Short, Classic Short, Classic Tall, Clogs, Slippers, and the Adirondack Collection

UGG Australia recommends that you select a size smaller than your normal size for the above styles, because these products tend to be a half-size to a whole size too large and have a tendency to fit loosely. If you wear a half-size you should probably round down

Fluff collection

This line runs true to size

Baby Booties

Small fits children 1-8 months
Medium fits children 9-12 months
Large fits children 13-16 months



Shoes/thick soled boots/thick soled shoes/sandals:
Women's: 5 - 9 with half sizes (a mens 7 in equivelant to a womans 8½, mens 7½ is a womans 9)
Men's : 8 - 12 with half sizes (womens 9½ is a mens 8, you get the picture)

Sheepskin Boots/slippers/slides:
Men's : 4-12, no half sizes (mens 4 is a womens 5)
Women's: 5-13, no half sizes (womens 6 is a mens 5)



Converting Sizes and Finding the Proper Fit - From American Sizes to European Sizes

Birki's Footwear is manufactured using a European size measurement. This system uses whole sizes only because the increments, from one size to the next, are only about 1/4 inch.

The quickest way to figure out your Birki's European size would be to add:

31 to your American size for women
34 to your American size for men
18 to your American size for kids

Example: If you wear a ladies 8, add 30. Your Birkenstock size should be 38. The catalog chart doesn't always agree, but we have found these numbers to work best.

A lot of the fully waterproof Birki's made from plastic and polyurethane run short, so you may need a larger size.



If you wear half sizes, when choosing to go up or down, two factors will influence your decision. First, is the way the footbed contours fit your arch. Try on both sizes and see which arch matches yours the best. If they both feel fine, size up if you like a bumper to protect your toes (and wear socks a lot) or down if you like a trim, compact fit.



Converting Sizes and Finding the Proper Fit - From American Sizes to European Sizes

Ecco are manufactured using a European size measurement. This system uses whole sizes only because the increments, from one size to the next, are only about 1/4 inch.

The quickest way to figure out your Ecco European size would be to add:

30 to your American size for women
33 to your American size for men
17 to your American size for kids

Example: If you wear a ladies 8, add 30. Your Birkenstock size should be 38. The catalog chart doesn't always agree, but we have found these numbers to work best.



Men's shoes are built on a D width last, and women's are built on a B width last. They run fairly true to size, but some find them a little short and go up a half size.

Keen Footwear Shoes come in the following sizes:

Youth:10-13 including half sizes.
Kids: 1-7 including half sizes
Men's: 7-14 half size 7-12 then, 12, 13 and in the Newport and Newport H2 in 14
Women's: 6-11 including half sizes and the Newport, and Jamestown are also available in 5/5.5.



The Teva sizing information chart is the best way to determine your size.


We are always updating this page; adding new brands and updating old favorites.  We are always working to keep the information on this page current and relevent, so your footwear will fit right the first time you put them on.  Please remember that the recommendations made above reflect what we've found to be the right choice in most circumstances.  Each foot is different from the last, so it is important to remember that these are guidelines, not rules.  Each person will want to consider the individual characteristics of their foot before making a selection.  Please call us toll-free at 1-877-756-2475 if you have any questions about sizing your next pair of comfort boots, shoes, or sandals.