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UGG Australia


A Brand Like No Other

A successful company is easier to obtain than a successful brand. UGG® seems to have mastered both, turning consumers’ heads, as well as their competitors’.

From its origins on the beaches of Australia to its journey across the US in 1978, UGG® has made sheepskin boots proverbial in any surfer’s vocabulary. Up to now, it is still almost as essential of an element to surfing as a good wetsuit.

In 1995, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, seeing the great possibilities of UGG® boots, purchased the company and trademark from its original US owner, Brian Smith. In 1998 a huge branding effort occurred to re-introduce sheepskin boots to North America. It was this canny move that revolutionized the footwear industry and re-launched UGG®   as a luxury brand while keeping its original surfer supporters dedicated.

In the year 2000, The Oprah Winfrey Show which was the highest rated talk show in American television history, helped propel UGG® into the spotlight by featuring a pair of the Ultra style boots as one of the host’s “favorite things”. Oprah Winfrey was so enamored by the boots that she has continued to endorse the brand time and time again. From 2000 to 2010 the show presented UGG® boots 5 times as a must-buy. The show, being syndicated in 146 countries to millions of viewers, generously helped UGG® to cross over genders, age groups and fashion senses.

What started out as boots for use after hanging ten had undeniably sprinted its way to the closets of the celebrity elite and die-hard fashionistas – UGG® had arrived.

From Sand to Spotlight

With a grasp on the market, there was a period of time when UGG® virtually had no competition in the United States or abroad. However, as the boots crossed over from surfers to Hollywood celebrities, more and more adversaries started appearing, many having originated in Australia as well.
Due to the popularity and high cost of UGG® boots, they became coveted as they were flaunted by trendy women. One would hear the question amongst fashionistas, “Are those UGG® brand?” replied to either with a chirpy, “yes!” or a slightly concerned, “no.”

As the years progressed, many brands once outshined by UGG® began to make advancements, cutting slightly into the sheepskin footwear industry. Regardless of the competition, UGG® has remained in the forefront due to its evolving designs, collaborative projects (such as the luxury Jimmy Choo collection) and expanding product line.

As quickly as they sky rocketed to fame, UGG® immediately began to revamp the look of their classic boots by incorporating design and usability elements. Various colors were introduced; rubber soles for a more rugged construction started appearing; embellishments such as fringes, knitting, buttons, appliqués, studs and Swarovski crystals were added. From time to time, limited edition shoes are also released for those who want to show not only their loyalty, but their wallet size as well. Due to such evolution and innovative marketing, UGG® remained and continues to remain on top with many styles selling out season after season.UGG® is simply on a platform above all other brands, so much so that its designers practically set the trend for sheepskin footwear. You will find that if a new style or pattern of UGG® boots appear, other brands will commence to release similar products.

Never allowing such circumstances to affect business, UGG® began to successfully venture into other markets in the fashion industry. Aside from sheepskin boots and slippers, UGG® also offers a vast array of leather boots, casual shoes, sandals, clogs, flip-flops, seasonal apparel, handbags, accessories and care products for women, men and children.

The product line has expanded so considerably that UGG® Stores have been popping up around the globe, with fanatics anxiously waiting for their city to be chosen next. To date there are over 20 concept stores from North America to Asia. UGG® also has tens of thousands of authorized dealers worldwide; Shoesurfing.com being one, offering a huge selection of the line and guaranteed authentic! Authenticity is key when it comes to UGG®
boots as being the industry leader makes way for many counterfeits. UGG® Footwear is so desired that many disreputable companies worldwide have been selling fakes duping consumers into paying full price for cheap imitations.

In late 2010, UGG®  announced a new branding effort to reach a wider male audience contracting NFL superstar quarterback Tom Brady as its new “face”. Then in early 2011, they released information on their new venture for a luxury line called the “UGG® Collection”. The line will consist of 30 styles of Italian-made handbags and shoes between $500 to $1,195. The collection features an outdoor-feel with first class materials and embellishments, how’s that for taking it to another level?

At Shoesurfing.com, we have stood by UGG® since 1992 – long before the hype and celebrity status. No doubt that more sheepskin companies will appear, and UGG® boots will be copied in style and design many times over. Whatever kind of UGG® boots you may be looking for, Shoesurfing.com will always have you covered.