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I finally wanted to get some Uggs. For my first pair, I looked through all the styles and found the Classic Minis or Short or Talls or even the Bailey Buttons too common for me. I really wanted something different, and liked the knit style of the Classic Cardy, but LOVED the unique and cozy-cute design of the Ugg Lattice Cardy. I just got them today and have to say- I am crazy in love with them. They are SO comfortable, and size 7, my normal size fit perfectly. The wool sweater knit hugs your calves comfortably, not tight at all but not slouching either. I know I'll be toasty warm when cold weather comes around (if it ever does in Texas, January and we still have 80 degree temps). And that legendary sheepskin footbed, OH MY GOD. I can't believe I was missing out on this. I'm absolutely crazy for the versatility of this boot. I love how it looks all the way up so you can admire the lovely lattice pattern and the logo buttons. I can even slouch it down a little, or fold it over a little, or all the way down for an even more unique look. I love all the ways you can wear these! The chestnut color goes with almost my whole wardrobe! Practical and luxurious. And about my first experience with Shoe Surfing, well I love it! I had never heard of them, but they are an authorized Ugg dealer and they were the only ones with the style and size I wanted. I called ahead to see if they had it in stock (I highly recommend doing this) and they told me they were getting some in a few days and would then ship it to me. Customer service on the phone was very kind and very informative. I was expecting at least 2 weeks, but they got them here in exactly 1 week! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH SHOE SURFING! You have a new fan! I'll come back soon! :) AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY UGGS! AHH! SO EXCITED!