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Donations for Dollars

Donation for Dollars

photo of shoes purchased from ShoeSurfing.comAt ShoeSurfing.com, we believe in spreading happiness; to our customers, to local businesses, to anyone in the world who could use a little more. Our Donations for Dollars program is an opportunity for you to get involved with something much bigger. Here we reward those who share our philanthropic ideal with what we know best - shoes! Right now, Donations for Dollars is accepting used shoes in return for store credit.

Don’t let your old boots collect dust when they could very well be worn by someone who has never even owned a pair. Donated shoes are given to needy projects such as the Haiti Relief Fund, through our "Gifts From the Sky" program.

You can trade in shoes today for a new pair that will make your feet happy tomorrow!   Read on for further details.

Program Details:

Shoes can be sent in at any time; no order needs to be placed before items are sent in. Credits will be kept on file to be used when you place your next order.

$120.00 Order minimum without shipping label

  • For discount ($5-$10 credit) after sending in 1-2 pairs.

$140.00 Order Minimum without shipping label

  • For discount ($14-$20 credit) after sending in 3-4 pairs.

$160.00 Order Minimum (with shipping label for 5-10 pairs)

  • For discount ($25 credit) after sending in 5 pair or more.

$5.00 maximum credit per pair received.

Maximum of 5 items for a credit to be used on a single order.

Maximum items taken in per month at one time is 15

5 or more products up to 10 qualify for a return label from us

  • 4 or less; shipping is paid by customer
  • 11 or more; shipping is paid by the customer.

Low-end shoes get smaller credit (i.e. $2.00 flip-flops will receive 2.0 store credit.)

Credits can be used on NEW orders and can contain Sale and New Items.

Credits received are for online use only.

Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Start Now!

Donations can be sent in at any time. When we receive your shoes, we will place a credit form in our system under your specified name. You will then receive an email containing directions on how to redeem your credits as well as how many credits you’ve received. CLICK HERE for the Donations for Dollars form. 

Remember, we reserve the right to inspect and determine the credit value of each shoe. Donation credits DO NOT have any cash value. An order must be placed with us to redeem the benefits of your credits. Credits for this program never expire.

As one of our customers, not only will you get a credit discount on your next order, you can also be satisfied that your donations are bettering other lives. If you are curious as to where each donation is being shipped, check in with our "Gifts From the Sky" Program.